Netball Dresses

TWP Sports is the market leader in bespoke netball dress design. What seperates us from the rest is our passion for  what we do. If you want to design your own netball dress, we’ll help you from stage one through to completion. When it comes to buying netball dresses online, we believe we have the smoothest experience in Australia – try it out for yourself here

In fact, netball dresses made in Australia rarely feature as many options as ours do. For example, to ensure maximum comfort, we can provide:

  • A variety of cuts, to match the way you move
  • Plus, you can ask us to add or take off length at no extra cost
  • Lycra, for flexibility
  • Meshwork, which is breathable and reduces the risk of rashes
  • An umpire range, so you can come to us if you’re overseeing the game too