About Us

TWP was started in August 2008 with just $150 from a small room at the house of the founder Adam Skrobalak. TWP has grown significantly over this time to now be one of Australia’s largest suppliers of custom team uniforms. Not only do TWP dominate the Victorian market but they now have huge numbers of clients in all states, and even more impressive a number of overseas clients.

From having 0 customers in 2008 to now have thousands of loyal customers makes TWP a great story.

During this period of growth TWP have learnt many things and one of those is that they need to constantly improve to make sure we can look after all of our client’s needs. This has seen them add more manufacturing capabilities and more staff to help streamline the ordering process and communication to clients etc.

As TWP get stronger, you as a client receive great prices and continue to receive the great service that is now expected of TWP. TWP live and breathe sport. They work in it, they follow it, they play it, and they coach it. Sport is their life and has been backbone to building a successful business.

TWP value every client they have and know without loyal customers a successful business is hard to maintain. Since 2008 TWP have come a long way and they will continue to grow and continue to improve every part of the business to ensure all customers receive the service and quality that they need.