Basketball Shorts

Which part of the basketball uniform takes the most stress and pounding?  The shorts. Every sprint down the court, every dive on the floor after a loose ball, every hard foul, every single move a player makes, all of this and more strain the fabric of the shorts. Don’t worry, however, if you bought a top-quality, durable mesh pair of basketball shorts from TWP.

Our basketball shorts play as tough as you do because we only use top-quality materials from trusted manufacturers. This ensures that we bring the best possible sports apparel product to you. The basketball court is unforgiving on players and clothing alike. TWP makes sure you bring the best in both strength of material and comfort to every competition.

Over the past decade, TWP has striven to build a strong reputation as one of Australia’s top sports apparel companies.  TWP started in the back room of a house and is now one of the premier uniform and clothing companies in Australia, serving customers across the country. We ensure that every stitch and every square inch of mesh in our uniforms is top-quality.