5 pre season focuses to improve your netball team

Connection – Get to know your players on a deeper level. Make your chats about others things other an Xs and Os, get to know what makes them tick, what they value, do they have family, what do they do for work. Every player responds better to a coach who they feel has genuine care for them as a person.

Fundamentals– If you were the best passing, receiving and shooting netball team in the comp, where would you sit on the ladder? My tip is pretty high. Many coaches focus so much on game plan and tactics they forget about what actually makes a game plan work. Fundamental netball skills.

Specific Fitness – Where does your team rank when it comes to strength and conditioning? One key area to get ahead is to specialise and break your team into their areas. For example mid court netballers will run different patterns to goal end players. So how can you specifically design drills and or running to suit this. Not every person needs to run a 3km time trial – get specific and this can include a strength program.

Mind Training – What controls your attitude, your effort, your decisions, your concentration etc ? you guessed it your mind. Work with your players on how to prepare better, how to move on from errors, how to focus on this session , this moment. This is the biggest area of improvement in sports World wide today.

Netball Practice sessions – Notice I didn’t say training? I used the word practice – Netball Practice means your going to practice netball and your drills should reflect the game, the way you play, how the skills are executed in game. Don’t waste a session – get specific and make every drill count and explain to the player why you are doing this drill in this practice session