There are so many reasons all throughout the year we indulge with the foods and drinks that are not good for us, being birthdays, weddings, work functions, holidays.. The list goes on.

This can feel like a bit of a set back when it comes to your fitness. It can sometimes feel as though you have gone backwards on all of the hard work and effort you have been putting into yourself.

We all have good intentions, but we all know it is harder than just simply setting a goal. You need to put this into action, and sometimes we may need some extra help.

If you are lacking some motivation, try downloading a fitness app on your phone, or purchase a fit bit to help you track your progress, keeping you accountable. Seeing physical numbers can boost your motivation as you can see your hard work paying off! Not only can we now track the calories being burned, and steps we take, we also have the ability to track the intake in calories we consume also – Linking in with our diet, which, combining the two (diet and exercise) will keep you well on track to reaching your fitness goals.

Team sports such as Netball, Basketball or Football, and group fitness is a great way to jump on track to getting closer to reaching your fitness goals. Working out in a group of people, helps with motivation, inspiration, encouragement, consistency, and determination. Not only does this help to improve your fitness levels but also is a great for social interactions.

The beauty of group fitness is we have so many options – Circuit classes, Bootcamp, Bodyweight Training, HIIT training, Running groups, even yoga. All group fitness classes have an instructor/trainer – who are there to use their expertise advice and experience to lead the group, which can be to a group of individuals each at different fitness levels, but all with the same goal – to improve fitness.

Group training may not be for you – You may like to head to the gym, put your head phones in and zone out.

Mix it up and set yourself some goals. Know what you want to achieve and make a game plan. Perhaps you will set out each week and participate in one group session, two solo gym sessions and one casual walk. Or, you may like to set a goal to participate in more group sessions – One body weight and one weighted.

Fitness is different for us all, and we will all achieve our fitness goals differently, but remember “The only bad work out, is the one you didn’t do”.