As a B Badge Netball Umpire and a Netball Umpire Coach, Tester and Mentor, I use the golden rule of POSITION = VISION & VISION = DECISION

From this formula, I believe that netball umpires need to learn how to read the game so that they are always in the correct position, being in the correct position will mean that an umpire should have the correct vision of the court and will then be able to make the correct decision in relation to any sanctions that may or may not need to be awarded during a netball game.

Another rule that all netball umpires should work by is just like the Scouts famous moto ‘BE PREPARED’. A netball umpire should always prepare themselves before a game in more ways than one. An umpire should be fit enough to handle the full length of the match they are about to umpire. An umpire should always warm up prior to umpiring a netball game, a warmed up body will aid in the response times when the ball changes hands.

Carry a rule book with you to every game. A rule book is always handy to have on hand for a rule check at half time or straight after a game. Umpires should also always be up to date with any new rules or updates of the current rules. Netball Australia has been very good in having little videos developed for any rule change or update. With the new seasons soon to start or have already started in some areas, it would be very beneficial to watch over the new videos to make sure you are familiar with them. It is important to remember that the players will be learning the new rule updates just as much as the umpires, so a common sense approach must be taken when umpiring.

With the warm weather, stay hydrated. Its important to drink plenty of water in the lead up to any umpiring as well as throughout a game. Staying well hydrated will keep the mind functioning well so that your umpiring standard is maintained throughout the length of the game.